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2000 News and Events Archive

November 11 - Cornerworker Mark Kohler did not survive a motorcycle accident on Friday Nov. 3rd at 10:15pm. Mark was riding alone through a residential neighborhood and failed to negotiate a sharp downhill turn. The funeral was held on November 8th near his home in York, PA. Cards and letters may be sent to: The Kohler Family, 2490 Pine Grove Road, York, PA 17403. The MARRC family will miss Mark terribly.

October 27 - Racers Michael Mogus and Westley Greenwalt were on their way to Daytona for the CCS Race of Champions and were hit by a tractor-trailer, killing both and their passenger. God speed.

October 6 - WERA had its last weekend of the year at Summit Point, and MARRC has photos and news for the WERA Regional Sprints on August 26-27.

September 15 - Despite rumors to the contrary, MARRC Board of Directors has decided that the MARRC Safety Crew will not take the show on the road and stick to Summit Point for the foreseable future.

August 16 - Rausch Creek Motorsports has released an artist's concept of their new roadracing circuit being built north of Harrisburg, PA, and the track design is certainly impressive.

MARRC Roadracing School sponsor Cycle Accessory Discounters/CAD Racing has announced that they have added a DynoJet dyno to their stable of racing services. Call CAD at 301-977-7188 for more information.

August 7 - Not again!! Congratulations to Arclight Suzuki rider Tray Batey who became the second racer this year to break the Summit Point track record. Batey set a time of 1:16.2 on Saturday during the first hour of the WERA 4-Hour Endurance race. So much for the theory that riders pace themselves during endurance races.

August 6 - Read about MARRC along with the official WERA results from the weekend for WERA National at Summit Point on August 4-6.

July 16 - CCS has posted its results from the weekend, and MARRC has the report for the CCS races at Summit Point on July 15-16.

July 6 - WERA Starter Al Wilcox is honored during the WERA weekend on June 10 and officially has his name on the Summit Point Start-Finish Line.

June 12 - Track record broken! Joe Prussiano dropped the Summit Point track record to 1:16.34 on Sunday during the WERA A Superstock event on a Yamaha R1. Tim Bemisderfer set the old record of 1:16.84 and battled with Prussiano during the entire race.

May 21 - OK, so the Jefferson 500 is not a motorcycle race, but MARRC nevertheless helped our four-wheeled brothers cornerwork for the vintage racecars on May 19-21.

May 14 - Photos and reports from the CCS races at Summit Point on May 13-14.

April 23 - Photos and reports from the CCS event at Summit Point on April 22-23.

April 16 - MARRC worked the inaugural motorcycle race at VIR with CCS on April 15-16.

April 9 - Photos and reports from the WERA event at Summit Point way back on April 8-9.

March 20 - The MARRC website has been redesigned by some hardworking MARRC members

March 6 - MARRC members race CCS at Daytona. MARRC was well represented during Daytona Bike Week during the PACE/CCS round of racing at Daytona International Speedway. Several members snagged first place finishes, and top-5 finishes abounded... read more.

February 25 - PACE hires new racing staff, including MARRC President Roger Lyle

February 23 - New ambulance flag rules for PACE/CCS and Formula USA

February 14 - Team America racer passes away

February 11 - MARRC and Summit Point honor Al Wilcox

January 30 - Dean Beasom's photos from the MARRC banquet

January 30 - The MARRC Banquet award winners list is published! Read all about the banquet, including a surprise announcement made there.

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