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MARRC Cornerworker School 2020


2020 Schedule (All Dates are Tentative)



May 23rd


(Summit Point, Main Circuit)

June 13th


(Summit Point, Main Circuit)

August 15th


(Summit Point, Main Circuit)








Volunteers will receive free admission to the track on the day of training, and MARRC will provide lunch and dinner to everyone who attends the school. Here's your chance to make motorcycle roadracing safer! Register in advance at

MARRC has been providing top-quality safety crews for motorcycle races for over 30 years. The Cornerworker School is MARRC's Safety Crew training session designed to teach volunteers how to become a member of the one of the best cornerworking organizations in the country. You will be trained by experienced MARRC Safety Crew members on a cornerworker's roles and responsibilities, flag and hand signals, communications procedures, bike pickup and inspection, personal care items and safety, oil and debris cleanup and many other issues important to a cornerworker.

The class meets at 8:00 AM at Summit Point Motorsports Park at the locations listed above. Just ask anyone in a MARRC shirt where to meet if you cannot find the buildings or do not hear announcements about the training class. Take a moment to study MARRC's Cornerworker Quick Reference Guide for a detailed overview of the subjects to be covered during class.

A large part of the training will be trackside during actual practices and race sessions, so see the MARRC Safety Crew page to make sure you bring the recommended equipment with you. Remember, Summit Point has a history of rapid weather changes, so dress appropriately and be prepared for anything, especially a lot of fun!

And don't forget, the benefits of cornerworking with the MARRC Safety Crew are many. This day-long experience becomes your first day's credit towards your earned membership in the Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club.

For directions to the track, go to the Summit Point page.

To Register for the MARRC Cornerworker School please fill out our MARRC CWS Online Registration.

For questions or more information feel free to email

Please specify the date of the class you wish to attend. Once registered, we will issue a gate pass for entry to Summit Point Motorsports Park. If you do not pre register, you will have to pay to enter and we are unable to reimburse the gate fee.

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