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Ways to get involved with MARRC

MARRC's activities are organized into 20 general committees that are open to any MARRC member who wishes to join. Most committee meetings are conducted by email to discuss and decide on committee business. If you have a particular interest or skill that you would like to bring to MARRC, please consider joining any of the committees listed below that meet your interest!

If you are a MARRC member who wishes to join a committee, simply email with the names of the committee(s) you wish to join in the body of the email. Please also include your name and membership number (if known).

For more information you may email a Committee Chair directly, please refer to our Organizational Chart for email addresses. You may also email

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Annual Banquet Committee
Coordinates the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet held each January
Awards Committee
Chooses awards that are given to our volunteers as thanks for time worked, and chooses recognition items given throughout the year and at the Banquet
Food Services Committee
Plans and cooks lunches and dinners for our volunteers at the racetrack on race weekends. Oversees the physical materials required, such as transport vehicle(s), cookware, etc.
Track Days Committee
Plans MARRC Track Days at Summit Point Raceway to give racers significant practice time
Video Night Committee
Coordinates a casual get-together held each fall where we gather to eat and watch racing videos
Volunteer Incentive Program Committee
Seeks donated items from racers and racing supporters to give to our volunteers on race weekends
Info Booth Committee
Chooses items to sell and give out at the Info Booth, and coordinates volunteers to staff the MARRC Info Booth at the racetrack on each race weekend
Internet Committee
Maintains the MARRC website
Newsletter Committee
Gathers content and photos, edits, and lays out the MARRC newsletter several times a year
Publicity Committee
Oversees our external publicity efforts, such as MARRC booth as bike shows and open houses
Database Administration Committee
Maintains accurate membership information in our database and generates informational reports needed by club administrators and other committees
Recruiting & Retention Committee
Tracks trends in membership and creates new processes or procedures to gain new members and keep current ones
Chaplain Corps Committee
Assists members of the racing community, particularly during and following race-related injuries
Injured Members Fund Committee
Processes nominations for and determines how much to distribute from the Injured Members Fund
Welfare Committee
Sends birthday cards, get-well cards, and flowers to members
Provides classroom and on-track instruction for riders interested in pursuing a racing license. Volunteers maintain the school's equipment, generate the classroom and on-track curriculum, and manage online and in-person registrations for each school
Safety Services Materials Management Committee
Purchases, inventories, distributes, and retrieves materials used by the Safety Crew on race weekends, and maintains pickup truck and transport vehicles
Safety Services Radio Communications Committee
Maintains two-way radios, scanners, and other electronic equipment for the Safety Crew in good working order
Safety Crew Committee
Provides an active network of cornerworkers for races and related MARRC events at Summit Point Raceway, and provides members to serve as representatives to the racing sanctioning bodies
Provides on-site training at Summit Point Raceway for new cornerworkers

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